Throughout human history, many have been the men who have worked to advance knowledge. In the sciences, and particularly in astronomy, some of the greatest minds dedicated themselves to breaking the secrets of the laws of nature,  the movement of the planets, and also to change many ideas about the structure of the universe and to further open the windows of the cosmos .
Here we want to leave a small tribute to many of them. We have selected the biographies of several of the most prominent. We have called them “superheroes” because they were the giants of universal thinking.

Carl SaganIsaac Asimov Tycho Brahe
Edwin Hubble Albert Einstein Galileo Galilei
Johannes Kepler Fred Hoyle Aristarchus of Samos
Claudius Ptolemy Pythagoras Anaximander
Percival Lowell Nicolaus Copernicus Werner Karl Heisenberg
Hypatia Giordano Bruno Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
Isaac Newton Clyde Tombaugh Wright Brothers
Wernher von Braun Sergei Korolev Neil Armstrong
Yuri Gagarin Sir William Herschel Caroline Herschel
Henrietta Swan Leavitt Edmond Halley Harlow Shapley
Neil deGrasse Tyson Arthur C. Clarke Ivan Yefremov
Willy Ley Hipparchus Charles Messier
Stephen William Hawking Christiaan HuygensPierre-Simon Laplace
Subrahmanyan ChandrasekharJoseph Von FraunhoferKarl Guthe Jansky
Karl Schwarzschild Urbain Jean Joseph Le Verrier Gerard Kuiper

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