This is a special place, dedicated to people who need to make important decisions that can influence our society.  Our goal here is to help the decision makers and leaders to get a broader point of view about the world around us, the universe and the realities of our lives.

“We live in the age of technologically developed barbarism”
Eduardo del Pozo Garcia, Astronomer

First, we bring an important presentation by Dr. Albert A. Bartlett, Professor Emeritus, Department of Physics, University of Colorado, Boulder. We are sure that you are going to need and appreciate this type of knowledge for future decisions. 

Bridging the gap between science and decision making (pdf)How the Science of Decision-Making Will Help Us Make Better Strategic Choices
The Elements of Scientific AdviceThe Role of Science in
National Park Service Decision-making
Why is public science education important?The role of science in decision making: does evidence-based science drive environmental policy?
Connecting Science, Policy, and Decision-making: A Handbook for Researchers and Science Agencies (pdf)How can scientific research be more effectively integrated into public policy making?
Making Science Useful to Decision Makers: Climate Forecasts,
Water Management, and Knowledge Networks
Reaching-out to Decision-Makers on Science Matters: Islamic World Academy of Sciences as an example
Integrating evidence, politics and society: a methodology for the science–policy interfaceTop 20 things scientists need to know about policy-making

Space Law:

Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, Including the Moon and Other Celestial BodiesUnited Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) documents and resolutions database
Space Law 101: An Introduction to Space LawNational Regulation of Space Activities
Routledge Handbook of Space Law
Origins of international space law, the IISL and IAF
The emerging field of space economics: theoretical and practical considerationsBombs in orbit? Verification and violation under the Outer Space Treaty
National Space Law CollectionThe Space Treaty Project
Space Law: a Bibliography – 1958-1994 All International Space & Aerospace Law books
Easy to understand:
These 11 laws are what keep space from becoming the wild westThe law of the worlds: how will outer space be regulated?
Space Law Society
What you need to know about the laws of space
Would a U.S. Space Force Be Legal? Get the Facts.