Here you can find the many ideas that we wish to offer to our society,  and what our vision is on how to tackle the many problems which we may be facing in our human society.


“We live in the age of technologically developed barbarism”
Eduardo del Pozo Garcia, Astronomer

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We draw up this document as a medium to communicate our thoughts to future generations: Our children, grandchildren, and all other human beings, including those yet to be born.

We speak on behalf of the many who have been born already and are living in these times. We speak in the name of a human species which should have been better, a human race which should have worked towards a better future for all and for the planet, a humanity which should have been able to offer future generations many things of which they could only have dreamed about.

We hereby take the opportunity to convey a few thoughts which reside inside those of us who always saw the future as a society filled with marvelous things that would take us to a higher place in our human evolution, a society which would in turn have made us mentally stronger, and would have led to humans having made regular visits to Mars by the year 2000, to ride in flying cars… and more importantly a future with the aspirations of a world without wars and one in which famines and misery would only exist in bad memories of the past, and furthermore one in which we would live in a world filled with altruism and mutual collaboration and where the nurturing of true brotherhood and mutual love would have erased all hatred and resentments from our hearts.

An intelligent human society interrelated with our natural environment, where all forms of life would be respected and one which would result in true happiness through the nurturing of a sustainable world.  In short, a future home for humanity filled with love and happiness in a well-cared-for planet which would in turn result in one filled with beauty.

In today’s world, now well immersed in the 21st century, we find that instead of the above we have continued to dedicate ourselves to maintaining and even strengthening the inherited failed models of the past.

The patterns of behavior which we as humans hope to find in the people and would wish to establish as a norm in a future utopian society include those which we would want to describe with such words as : ethical, moral, loving, cooperative, brotherly, understanding, friendly, supporting, responsible, honest, and trustworthy, with ideals geared towards mutual inclusion of all in our social fabric and in a decision-making process tailored for the benefit of all.

The society of the future was formerly seen as one in which individuals would work for the common good of all and one which would seek a better world via a direct connection with our natural environment.

Instead, humanity has chosen to maintain a very different course of action.

We feel that it is now time to clearly state the position which many of us hold, since we are certainly not in agreement with our present course of action, and with the way in which we are headed as a society.

This is why we feel that it is necessary to convey and express our apologies to our descendants of future generations for the many mistakes which we have been involved in and for the negative consequences which they will surely inherit.

We now leave you with a compilation of some of the things which we have done wrong and leave to our posterity, and we also wish to offer in the near future a list of ways to remedy these mistakes.

  1. In our present world we have supported wars as a business enterprise and as a way to force our ideology on others and many of us favor war as way to solve our problems without regard to the damage and the human carnage inflicted, resulting in the loss of innocent lives, but not caring as long as our objectives are met. This includes entities within a nation or an entire nation as a whole which decides to attack a given specific group within another nation. This also applies to groups united by common ideologies, religious beliefs, political affiliations, economic ideas, or racial and gender inspired hatred.
  2. We have indoctrinated our children and our young adults with all sorts of illogical beliefs and dedicated our time and resources towards immersing our society in these false beliefs with the sole goal of empowering only the specific belief which we belong to.
  3. We have given reign to greed, selfishness and hatred as the patterns to live by. Not only do we practice it on a daily basis but also encourage and justify many acts against other members of our society which are rooted in that very greed and hatred. Even of a more grave concern we elect and give power to people and institutions which practice and encourage these unfortunate and harmful ways of thinking.
  4. We have created social networks which is now used to foster, amplify and disseminate plain raw hatred and all sorts and manners of racist ideas as well as negative and self-centered individualistic thoughts and last but not least, blatant, harmful ignorance.
  5. We have dedicated ourselves to creating division among human beings through various means and disguised with different goals in mind.
  6. We have focused on individualistic societies which favor disdain towards others.
  7. We have allowed for the establishment of special interest groups which are dedicated to control the masses for their own benefit.
  8. We have based a large portion of our economic system by practicing false claims and by using misleading propaganda.
  9. We favor not the use of critical thinking nor do we strive to learn it and practice it.
  10. We do not practice understanding nor do we encourage it.
  11. We have unwittingly dedicated ourselves to create a society intent on the destruction of nature with the sole goal of generating endless profits and creating temporary wealth.
  12. We have not yet evolved past the stage of being a society based on colonizing and laying waste to our planet’s resources and other inhabitants of our world. On the contrary with each passing second, we tend to reaffirm and deepen that state of mind and dedicate ourselves to justifying it and broadening its reach.
  13. As time passes, we are allowing people who are progressively more ignorant and egocentric into governmental positions.
  14. We openly practice distrust of others and pass it on to our children and their children.
  15. We create and tolerate the creation of cultural norms which run the opposite of any which would lead to a society based on ideas of cooperation and helpfulness.
  16. We have allowed for a power structure which suffers from an abundance of legal loopholes which are used by those of distorted minds for the purpose of controlling others or to economically favor themselves.
  17. The act of having allowed the rise into power by many dictators, controllers, populists, strongmen and ignorant minds has given us a past in which holocausts came about from their own hands and brought us untold suffering. Now in various parts of the planet we are headed towards repeating these same stories
  18. The admiration and even worship of populist totalitarians and dictators still lives in the minds of many. Society and our educational system have not adequately prepared to handle this present and recurring phenomena.
  19. We have halted and, in some cases, eliminated the development of any possible tools which would have been effective in the betterment of our society.
  20. We behave in a totally irresponsible manner, both as individuals and as a society as a whole. We constantly evade our responsibilities and deny the consequences of our daily actions.
  21. A very important point which is devoid of any logic: We have lived and continue to live by borrowing from the future. We are mortgaging the future of our children, grandchildren and future generations just for the sole purpose of maintaining our greed, selfishness and the sheer harmful lust of wasting our planet’s present resources. We have transferred our current needs to future societies and turned those needs into our present way of living and conducting the politics which we govern by.

For all of these reasons and many more, we wish to explain to our descendants that not all of us were perpetrators and promoters of this way of life, and that indeed many of us did strive to create a conscious awareness in our fellow human beings and even fought to prevent these unfortunate events from taking place. We want to let it be known that not all of us were in accord with what we were witnessing in our “human” society. We want you all to know that in the deepest of our conscious thoughts we aspired a better world for all, especially for those of you viewing us from the future. We also want you to know that many of us have watched in horror the way in which humanity behaves and evolves, how we perpetuate models of conduct which should by now have been obsolete, and which can only serve towards creating a permanent state of mental material dependency. Please know that not all members of early 21st century society watched in apathetic complacency as a true disaster unfolded before our very eyes and resulted in the same social, human and environmental chaos which we have maintained for centuries.

We the undersigned abide by the above statements as the founding members of