Here we are going to post documents and videos about the rare events and the worst cases in space travel. Experience never come without problems, accidents and traumatic events that help to shape the memory of people, countries and generations. For pdf’s reports, go to the end of the page.

Only Three People Have Died in Space:

Inside Mission Control During STS-107 Columbia’s Failed Re-entry and disaster:

Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster: Major Malfunction | Retro Report | The New York Times:

National Geographic – The Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster Investigation – Documentary 2017:

Space Station Collision – Mir Crash with Progress Supply Vessel:

How the First Spacewalk Nearly Ended in Disaster – Alexei Leonov Voskhod 2:

The Apollo 1 Disaster As It Happened: The Day After Live On TV:

What if Apollo had crashed on the Moon:

See How Two Cosmonauts Narrowly Escaped a Massive Explosion:

Soyuz rocket failure explained by former astronaut:

International Space Station (ISS) EVA Suit Water Intrusion High Visibility Close Call, IRIS Case Number: S–2013–199–00005 (pdf)

Report to the President By the PRESIDENTIAL COMMISSION On the Space Shuttle Challenger Accident (pdf)

Columbia Crew Survival Investigation Report (pdf)

Columbia Accident Investigation Board (pdf)

Apollo-Soyuz Test Project: Poisonous Gas Leak (pdf)

Apollo 13 Mission Report National Aeronautics and Space Administration (pdf)

Analysis Of Apollo 12 Lightning Incident, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (pdf)

Report of Apollo 204 (Apollo 1) Review Board to the Administrator National Aeronautics and Space Administration (pdf)

The Soyuz-1 Parachute Failure – Space Safety Magazine

Vladimir Komarov and the Tragic Flight of Soyuz 1 (pdf)