This is our page devoted to scientific discoveries, advances and all of the other ” crazy stuff ”  which scientists produce in their daily work.  Here we are going to post the most important news concerning astronomy and science.

Did you know? Slooh members can see Planet Mars using their Chile & canary islands telescope remotely.

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and the second-smallest planet in the Solar System after Mercury. Mars has two moons! One is called Phobos and the other Deimos.

Mars is the only other planet besides Earth that has polar ice caps. - The northern cap is called the Planum Boreum, with Planum Australe in the south. Water ice has also been found under the Martian ice caps! This planet does not have a magnetic field..

Slooh's Chile Telescope: Becomes visible in mid February 2020

Slooh's Canary Islands Telescope: Becomes visible in early January 2020

Do you believe in Life on Planet Mars? 👽😉

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15 hours ago

Intergalactic Astronomy Educators Fellowship

Timeline PhotosAll you need to know about 2019's Leonid meteor shower, which is expected to peak Monday morning:

Best time to watch is between midnight and dawn. There's a bright moon so try placing yourself in a moon shadow ... anywhere you're shaded from direct moonlight.

Chart shows the radiant ascending in this morning's sky and is via our friend Guy Ottewell.
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