Our organization was established with the following goals in mind :

  • To better our world’s society through the knowledge and appreciation of astronomy.
  • To show and teach about our world and our universe through the astronomer’s views and perspectives.
  • To disseminate the latest news and discoveries about astronomy.
  • To promote observational activities.
  • To explain the roles of astronomy and astronautics advisers.
  • To better promote the connection between professionals, astronauts and engineers with those interested in astronomy and astronautics.
  • To empower the teaching of astronomy and to spread its world-changing benefits.
  • We will strive to accomplish our goals through all possible means, from using the latest knowledge data to providing a wide array of educational materials.
  • We will strive to better our world in the advancement of space science and exploration by implementing these aforementioned goals.
  • AND LASTLY, we pledge to teach and reinforce the practices of ethics, respect, and morality in an universal way, for the welfare of all of mankind.

The Intergalactic Astronomy Educators Fellowship is working hard to inspire, guide and support astronomy teachers, educators and enthusiasts of all walks of life. We will continuously work to provide projects (or links to projects that already exist) to teachers, educators, students and all who are interested in learning.

We enjoy sharing the love of astronomy through our many activities and through every spoken word.

We will work tirelessly to accomplish these goals through volunteers, partners, and donors.

What is our goal now at IGAEF?

IGAEF has only been active for a short time, but we are already thinking big. We now seek individuals who would want to contribute into various sectors which are now available.

IGAEF Ambassadors: These would be in charge of representing us, coordinating activities and soliciting donations in South Florida and other geographic locations.

Youth activities coordinators: We will soon open a new division dedicated to the youngest members of the family. Those with the experience and creativity to work with children and young adults are very much needed and welcomed.

Activities volunteers:  Those who have the vital resource of available spare time and the gift of creativity as well as experience are encouraged to participate.

These and other activities are now opening to all who wish to be a part of spreading vital science facts and information. 
We encourage you to contact us at : info(at)igaef.org