On the necessary foundation of the Intergalactic Academy of Space Cadets

“Creating the man of the stars”

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In this document we propose the creation of an “Intergalactic Academy of Space Cadets”, we present the reasons that we consider justify its creation and we lay the basis for its possible development. Any ideas, proposals for agreements, and collaborations, whether by individuals or institutions, are welcome.

Why do we think this step is necessary?

Humanity is at a crucial moment, where space technologies are rapidly transforming. The development of reusable rockets, space tourism, inflatable rooms in orbit, the low-Earth orbit satellite Internet, the emergence of companies destined to do mining in space; the debut of Space X’s Falcon Heavy rocket; the emergence of projects such as Mars One, the very idea of ​​the one-way trip to Mars, which moved thousands of volunteers to sign up; microsatellites; the possibility of placing weapons in space, together with the development of satellites capable of monitoring other satellites and changing orbit; but above all, the development of the starship project, by Space X, promises to be a source of employment for pilots, flight attendants, engineers, flight controllers and all kinds of services related to the aerospace industry. Training all these personnel requires time and money. At the present time the project is in full swing, so the foundation of an Academy is imposed, and more than necessary, it is already essential.

Therefore, we think that the time has come to call and bring together all the organizations and people interested in founding the Academy, and create it at once. But we do not want the Academy to be just a geographical point where pilots or engineers are trained, but rather to be a community of people and institutions, where those with a common interest (and possibly a job) can meet in person or virtually.

Therefore, we must include in it not only people directly associated with technology and aerospace companies, but also all those who feel like members of the community or, rather, a brotherhood of people interested in building not only an institution for space purposes, but with an eye toward truly building a better future for all. Therefore, we would invite members of diverse backgrounds, from astronauts to science fiction fans.

Among the organizations that would participate we include all those currently working to develop the space and rocket industry, the reuse of rockets and their parts, rocket clubs, satellites, information technologies, science fiction writers and filmmakers, fans of science fiction, developers of science and technology, electronics and engineering, and all other branches of technological and scientific development, including futurists, sustainable development, specialists in ecospheres, experimenters of closed biospheres, and without forgetting experts on such necessary topics as education, environmentalism or ethics.

From this point of view, the intergalactic academy of space cadets would be a totally new organization, with a different approach to institutions such as the classic aviation schools: it would be in charge not only of the essential training, but also of adding, gathering, helping, collaborating, improve and encourage all people who wish to see our species transform into an interplanetary, interstellar, and intergalactic race. A race that projects towards a future devoid of the evils that it has dragged down until now and that have been linked to the civilizing process. Its objective would be to become the center of all dreams and ideas related to space activity, to be a communications hub, a common center of ideas and inspiration for current and future generations.

All the activities of the academy would have a common center: to achieve the betterment of the human being and their society, with a view to achieving a future cadet who adheres to the norms of what we really define as humanity. Therefore, it would be necessary to maintain and aspire to ethical and moral behavior and education as has not been done so far. From this point of view, the Intergalactic Academy of Space Cadets would be destined to create a change in our entire society on a global level, our goal would be to elevate humanity to a new stage: creating, expanding and diversifying a whole new vision for our species, with a strong base in a truly planetary ethics and morals, and raising it soon to the interplanetary rank.

In the future, it would serve as the basis for interstellar, intergalactic behavior and ethics; a new vision of the universe where respect, collaboration, brotherhood, love and kindness would completely displace hatred, discrimination, and all other forms of brokenness of human society that have existed until the present.

Observing the current trends in society, we believe that the creation of the Intergalactic Academy of Space Cadets should be a priority for all of us, that it should be launched and start working as soon as possible, with the aim of contributing to the necessary change of the human mindset towards a multiplanetary future.

The Intergalactic Academy of Space Cadets would establish representations in all possible countries, which would act as representatives and active disseminators of its ideas, principles and objectives. At the same time, they would help raise funds for your local activities and to assist in our planetary goal. The Academy must fit into a globalized world, and achieve the potential to take human society one step further, towards a globalization of ethics, pacifism, collaboration, brotherhood and love; towards the care and connection with nature; and towards a multiplanetary connection of common interests inclined in this sense.

For this reason, we consider it necessary to include the term “intergalactic” with a view to the future, to expand its geographical area of ​​action, not only to the planet, or the solar system, but to the galaxy and a step beyond that, at a time when our species it is already on the verge of being multiplanetary. And it can well be said that, if the technical solutions required to fulfill this purpose are already available or are seen as achievable in the near term, the solutions to the social, ethical and moral problems that humanity has to solve to achieve this first threshold, they’re nowhere near in sight.

For this reason, the Academy also needs the inclusion of all races and ethnicities, and aims to transform itself into a site of collaboration and brotherhood. The Cadet Academy should not be limited by geographic, economic, political, ideological or any other kind of space.

Academy Foundation

The founding of the Intergalactic Academy of Space Cadets would take place during the first congress, which will be organized for this purpose. There the laws and statutes would be decided, and all the other aspects necessary for the operation of the foundation.

Membership of the Academy and its objectives

Each member, whether person or organization, must adhere to the principles of the academy, which will be taken by proposal and agreement of all participants in the founding congress.


The budget must be met by donations from all those interested in the founding of the Academy. Therefore, already at the moment of creation, it would be necessary to have ways to obtain the initial funds, and to call the participants to actively donate. A crucial point here is intellectual collaboration, that which is actually one of the most important to develop this project. We are going to need a lot of work, but more than anything, a lot of ideas, those that lead us to change paradigms and that ultimately allow us to bring our aspirations to reality.

Cost estimates can vary greatly, taking as much budget as available. Always remembering that one of our objectives is the development of facilities in various geographical locations.

As funds appear, scholarships and other forms of assistance to future cadets would be considered.

Local location in Florida

South Florida is an excellent place for one of your locations, with a suitable climate for outdoor training activities. It has an international airport that serves as a connection node to all parts of the planet, facilitating the movement of personnel, as well as the necessary materials. In relative proximity is the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, which has facilities for astronaut training and also for rocket launches.

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